Madame Curiosity Congratulates Dr. Amanda Coté on Earning Her PhD!

Amanda Coté started her journey working in education as a tutor when she was in the 5th grade.  She earned a BA degree in English education from Saint Leo University and poured her heart and soul into teaching and mentoring middle and high school students.  She then earned a MS in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University and started teaching online courses in 2009.

She was super excited to help working adults pursue education – especially when they may not have had a chance before the convenience and flexibility of online learning. What she did not expect - was to have so many students fail or just drop out; this realization inspired her curiosity and pushed her to further her education.

Since 2014, Amanda has researched learner characteristics and online learning success, and in January 2021, she earned her PhD in Educational Psychology from Walden University. Her passions include being a lifelong learner (and encouraging the same in others), as well as supporting emotional and mental health awareness and research.

Amanda Coté ... ahem ... DOCTOR Amanda Coté (woo-hooo!) brings an amazing array of educational and psychological experience to our team, specializing in adult learning theory, quantitative and qualitative research practices, and online learning success. She serves on Madame Curiosity's advisory board. 

We proudly recognize Dr. Coté's accomplishment and celebrate her success! 

We all have a vocational purpose in this life, and the luckiest of us can spend our working lives sharing that purpose with the world. 
Partner with Madame Curiosity to help share your purpose with even more people. We live to boost your success! 

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