We believe happy workers make satisfied clients!

For our experts, we offer 100% remote work on flex-time at a company where they are paid fairly for their expertise and dedicated efforts, are offered profit-sharing opportunities, are respected as colleagues and individuals, and are given support to succeed professionally and personally.



Focus on Diversity & Inclusivity

Transformative equality and equitable opportunity are founding principles of our business, and we stand firm in our (research-backed) conviction that diversity and inclusivity are essential to success. Our hiring practices and corporate culture reflect our commitment.

Focus on Respect & Equity

Our experts enjoy 100% remote work on flex-time schedules with equitable wages, and the opportunity to join our profit-sharing program.

Focus on Philanthropy

In providing our experts with paid hours for volunteering at their favorite local charities, and in financially supporting causes important to them, we extend our "reach for good" beyond just our company's own walls - and into the world where it can do the most good.



We believe collaboration is key to mutual success! 

For our clients, we offer the highest quality work, directly support your organizational goals, work for a fair price, and provide a consistent and quick turnaround. We also provide ways to partner with us and our network of clients toward greater combined success. 

Focus on Research & Education

We don't re-create the wheel each time like many research or education consultancies do, we leverage and curate the vast amounts of wisdom already available and create actionable insights and immediate education tailored to your specific needs, at a fraction of the cost.

For you, that means less time, less expense, bigger impact.

Focus on Quality & Transparency

We believe an honest approach is always the best approach, and we operate under complete transparency, with both our clients and our experts. We don’t try to do things faster than other companies, because we know the highest quality takes time; providing our clients with the perfect product every time is our primary focus.

MC is a trusted partner dedicated to increasing your success.

Focus on Unique Products & Unique Client Base

With our fairly-priced, insight-filled reports and wide variety of research-based education products, our offerings are unique within our market. Additionally, we have the pleasure of serving a unique collection of clients who spend their lives serving others. In serving these clients, we help extend their reach to even greater depths and improve our world even faster.

We provide actionable support where you need it most.

Focus on Business as a Force for Good

We are the only research and education firm specializing in providing research-backed support to organizations involved in social good works, including the B-corp and nonprofit sectors. We are also the only firm that offers both a guaranteed 10%-of-profit donation to other nonprofits and NGOS, as well as profit-sharing opportunities to our workforce.

Partnering with MC means joining forces for awesome!