Saying thanks for 8 years of partnering success!

List of file foldersConfession: I made my 2022 folder for Research Masters and it made me smile for the rest of the day. Why, you ask?

Let me start by explaining that my digital life is a lot more organized than my actual life. In my role as an edtech consultant with Vuja de Enterprises Consulting, I need to be able to find things quickly (sometimes RFN), so I'm obsessive when it comes to my computer files. [Decidedly less so with housework.] Every one of my clients and partners gets their own folder with subfolders for projects and paperwork - all organized by date with specific naming conventions. When I made the 2022 folder, it hit me that this is my eighth year of teaming up with Research Masters - making Amy Bethea and her crew my longest professional partnership.


Amy BetheaI met Amy when a mutual friend gave her my name as a referral on a textbook writing project. We connected by phone, and from the first moment, she made me feel like part of her professional family. Amy is dedicated and organized, can juggle a huge number of projects with aplomb, and is always genuine and considerate of others. In our tenure together (and with her fabulous team of curriculum pros), we've developed a huge collection of educational collateral - textbooks, teacher resources, online courses, thousands of assessment questions - and created success for some of the biggest names in the education sphere.

In 2015 and 2016, when Lifelong.Media, her digital media and publishing company, was founded and launched, she reached out to her team (including me) to help her vision come to life. In 2020, when Madame Curiosity went live, she became a contributor to our growth, as well. It's been my absolute pleasure to work alongside Amy for this many years - both us of growing our businesses and developing our skillsets and client rosters.

So, here's to a beautiful and productive eight years, Amy Bethea and the Research Masters crew! Looking forward to continued success as we move into the future - together.

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2 Comments to Giving Gratitude for Long-Term Partnerships

  1. It has been a wonderful partnership indeed! You are a stellar professional with much value to bring to the table! I consider it an honor to have you on our team, year after year after year. Your expertise, versatility, and knowledge make you outstanding …. and to top it all off, you are an amazing team player. I am excited for your endeavors with Madame Curiosity, and know that we will continue to support each other in the years to come! Thank you and KUDOS to you!

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