Hello, Do-Gooders! What Do You Need to Know?

We’d like to introduce ourselves to you and to the world! We are Madame Curiosity: the only secondary research firm specializing in actionable insights for organizations improving our world. You tell us what you need to know, and we work our behind-the-scenes magic to provide you with the best answers, in the quickest time, for an affordable price. 

Who & Why We Are

Madame Curiosity is a cadre of experts with a passion for positive change, social reform, and uplifting the visionaries of a better world. We offer our masterful research, ingenuity, and skillful analysis in service to the positive change you are working to achieve. We are also pioneers of ethical and equity-based business practices in the freelancing industry, working to re-imagine and reshape the exploitative freelancing model that is predominant in the industry today. 

We understand that – together – we are much stronger than we are separately. Working as one unit toward the common goal of the highest good for all will help move our communities, our country, and our world toward a more sustainable future.

Who We Serve

If your organization is working to improve the world, we are here for YOU! We provide research-backed insightful reports answering business needs for nonprofits, NGOs, B-corps, conscious capitalists, companies of all sizes, government agencies, and groups working to make this world a better, more fair, more just, more equitable place. Do-Gooders get discounts on our reports, so we can further support their efforts.


Insightful Research for Impactful Change

Primary research is often financially unfeasible, yet the context of our world is changing at a rapid and accelerating pace. Organizations that want to keep up with the constantly-moving landscape understand that secondary research is the faster, less expensive, and easier option! Our experts access the treasure trove of information that exists in the public realm and harness the perfect tidbits to meet your specific goals. Our research and analysis on best practices, trends and challenges, case studies, industry profiles, and more can provide the base you need to empower greater innovation and to keep your organization agile.

Our world is in dire straits in many ways - and yet there is also so much hope. There are thousands of organizations, companies, and individuals working to improve the conditions of our planet and our lives. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them - and if so, let’s collaborate! Our #1 goal at Madame Curiosity is to support and empower you and your organization. Our research-backed, focused solutions provide exactly what you need to expand your reach and further spread positive change.

Together, we will not just survive, we will thrive! 
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