We iteratively identify the specific needs that meet your goals, then synthesize actionable insights!

What if MC experts can't find the information I need?

We'd like to say, "never gonna happen," but our dedication to transparency prevents us from doing so. Our seasoned research experts have honed their crafts to the point that 99% of all questions and needs can be intelligently met for our clients. In the rare cases where a question or need cannot be answered with available data, Madame Curiosity's Product Pivot Guarantee immediately kicks in. We believe that an iterative approach is the best way to deliver the most useful and applicable knowledge and insights to our clients, and we guarantee that your money will never be wasted on a final product that does not address your needs or goals.

Product Pivot Guarantee (PPG)

If your question or need cannot be directly met because of a lack of available data, the PPG is activated and the project is immediately paused. A research publisher will reach out with optional pathways forward. Together, you and the MC publisher will determine how to pivot the research toward that which would be the most meaningful in meeting your intended goals. In this way, you'll never pay for knowledge work that doesn't serve you.

We discover and synthesize what best supports you and your organizational needs - every time!