Case studies tell a story about a long-term project – why it happened, how it happened, what actually happened, and how or why it was a beneficial thing to do. Case studies are completed on a variety of different topics, though most common are marketing case studies. Our experts focus on quantitative (over qualitative) data as much as possible. 

Your case studies report may include (depending on your selections): 

  • Name and description of company/brand and product/service
  • Name of effort or campaign (marketing or otherwise)
  • Description of the effort/campaign, including how long it ran, on which channels it ran, and types of media collateral used
  • Target audience, as available
  • Results of the campaign (whichever metrics are available)
  • Examples of marketing collateral

OR – Your choice of components that meet your direct needs – just let us know!

Each project includes client choice of:

  • 1 highly-detailed case study (all components above) OR
  • 2 – 3 shorter (though still detailed) case studies (featuring some of the components above)
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