A comparative analysis compares and contrasts specific components of two or more similar companies, industries, or products/services. These analyses are generally used to inform the best path forward for a client, and provide a thorough comparison of each analyzed component. **If you’d like a comparison of companies, please order a Company Profiles report instead. 

Your comparative analysis may include (depending on your needs): 

Industry/market components, like:

  • Key players
  • Financial information (market size and/or growth, revenue models)
  • Regulatory environment information
  • Your choice!

Product/service components, like: 

  • Product specifications
  • Product/service tier pricing
  • Service specifications
  • Your choice! 

OR – Whichever components you choose to meet your direct needs – just let us know!

Each project includes comparative analysis on 2 – 3 components of the relevant industries or products/services. 

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