A market analysis provides an insightful overview of a specified market or industry, and includes extensive detail and quantitative support. 

These reports provide sufficient detail and insights to help you make the right decisions, or tailor your initiatives, like those for strategic planning, new product development, geographic expansion, mergers or acquisitions, competitive intelligence, and other factors. 

Standard components (included in all market analysis reports):

  • Current market size (actual or estimated)
  • Forecast market growth (CAGR) and growth drivers
  • Key players

Choice of 2 additional components:

  • Estimated future market size / value
  • Current trends
  • Forecast trends
  • Recent regulatory changes
  • Market disruptors
  • Challenges within the market
  • Barriers to entry for new players
  • Target audience for companies within market
  • Total number of companies operating within the market (US, global, or regional – client choice)

Each market analysis includes 3 standard and 2 additional components. 

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