A SWOT analysis examines the internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats) specific to a given company, and is used to assess a company’s potential, to identify new paths forward, or to identify potential problems the company might experience. 

SWOT analyses include 4 key components:

  • Company’s internal strengths
  • Company’s internal weaknesses
  • Existing or emerging opportunities within the market
  • Existing or emerging threats in the market

Each SWOT analysis includes all 4 components. 


Porter’s Five Forces Model identifies and analyzes the competitive forces shaping a particular industry/market, and outlines the market’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Five forces analyses include 5 key components:

  • Industry/market competition
  • Potential for new market players
  • Power of market suppliers
  • Power of customer base
  • Threats of substitute products

Each five forces analysis includes all 5 components. 

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