Two Issues Impede Corporate Sustainability

As businesses operating in today's world of extreme climate issues, we should seek to be stewards of the environment and champions of sustainability.

Many companies can point to at least one or two green measures they’ve incorporated into their business models, which gives us a solid foundation. But to avoid the impending climate crisis, we need to do more collectively - and we must start now.

In the movement toward creating a more sustainable America, two issues stand out as impeding progress.

First, industry and corporations are by far the heftiest contributors of emissions, which increases the onus on them to make immediate and significant changes. These changes should include recognizing emissions which have been traditionally been unaccounted for, as well as dedicating themselves to revamping their businesses toward more sustainable models overall.

Second, current green measures in place in many companies are far too limited to be effective in the long-term or to make a real difference in truly increasing corporate sustainability. Additionally, these programs are often unsupported, mismanaged, or not afforded the proper leadership that would allow adequate progress toward goals. An organization truly invested in reducing its contribution to environmental overload must integrate its sustainability principles into its overall strategic plan.

Collectively, We Can Do More

Despite these impediments, a noteworthy trend is that companies are taking small green strides in the right direction – and stockholders are increasing pressure to continue moving forward on that path.

In taking more steps and the right steps, corporations can turn sustainability hurdles into speedbumps - and continue with forward progress toward a more sustainable economy and world. There are immediately actionable measures corporations can employ toward reducing their negative impacts on our global environment.

  1. Companies can take steps to reduce their carbon footprint or offset the environmental damage done by their business practices (Explore best practices!).
  2. Organizations can begin treating sustainability agendas like productivity agendas, reinventing the process and reimagining the steps on the path toward the end goal of being a truly green company (Explore best practices!).
  3. Businesses can commit to reaching full sustainability within a decade (Explore best practices!).
Let us know if you need insights and best practices on how your organization can more easily adapt toward contributing to this collaboration-for-good!
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